Jovo Vučijak

Project Manager
GTS Adriatic doo

Bilateral Meetings

  • Wednesday 14:00-20:00
DescriptionThe company GTS ADRIATIC was founded in 2012 by the Romanian company Imark Sistem in Bucharest, which recognized the Serbian market as a potential investment in the field of industrial solutions tailored to the needs of local companies. Already in the first years of work, GTS ADRIATIC has set the foundations for growth and development in the segment of industrial marking with the team of experienced people and in cooperation with Markem-Imaja company. 
 Our portfolio includes machines for: 
 -marking -encoding -packaging -labeling -inspection of the product -supplies -engineering-custom solution
 From the first day of work, the development strategy of our company is based on the building of a partner relationship with clients: we find optimal solutions and fulfill all the requirements of the users on them in a more efficient and cost-effective way. By recognizing a professional and responsible approach to every challenge, our clients have time increased our confidence that has enabled us to expand our offer of products and solutions, and thus enrich our knowledge and experience of our colleagues, which we have made available to our customers.
Organization Type Company
CityNovi Sad, Donje Sajlovo 140 Google map
Areas of Activities

Automotive Industry


    Design, engineering and production of Tailor-made solution, vision inspection and control...

    Making specific solutions tailored to specific needs.
    We offer a complete process with the software development team and daughter company ELCOM SYSTEM d.o.o. which operates in the field of mechanical engineering and industrial automation.
    he development of ELCOM SYSTEM is in the field of robotics and application of new technologies in industry.