Eva Arvai

Project Manager
Kunplast-Karsai ZRt.

Bilateral Meetings

  • Wednesday 14:00-20:00
DescriptionKunplast-Karsai Plc. is one of the most significant corporations of the Hungarian plastic processing industry certified according to IATF 16949, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Our main activities are automotive part production by thermoplastic injection (on machines ranging from 25t to 3000t clamping force), and manufacturing automotive parts and electric industry products by thermoset compression (press machines from 160t to 1000t clamping force) and by thermoset injection (machines from 22t to 150t clamping force). Applied technologies include vibration- and ultrasonic welding, manual and semi-automatic assembly, laser marking, pad printing. We are proud of our own tool shop where we perform injection mold and compression/press tool design, manufacturing, modification, repairment and maintenance.
Organization Type Company
CityKiskunfélegyháza, Google map
Areas of Activities

Automotive Industry


    Thermoplastic/Duroset processing: injection molding/compressing; Tool design/manufacture/repair/modi

    Producing technical plastic products since 1961.
    Our main activities:
    - Tool designing and manufacturing, repairing, tool modification
    - Thermoplastic processing by injection molding
    - Assembling, vibration- and ultrasonic welding, laser- and tampon printing, embossing
    - Thermoset plastic processing (pressing, injection molding)

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